Visi dan Misi

  • Visi organisasi

    menjadikan Asosiasi Konsultan Hak Kekayaan Intelektual (AKHKI) menjadi organisasi yang bermartabat, solid, dan eksis di level nasional dan internasional dalam rangka pengembangan Sistem Hak Kekayaan Intelektual yang modern.

    Misi Organisasi

    Mengembangkan eksistensi (asosiasi), kesetaraan (pemangku kepentingan), soliditas (anggota), profesionalitas (anggota), integritas (anggota), dan kesejahteraan (anggota).


    Uphold professionalism in the field of Intellectual Property Rights.


    AKHKI is a global professional association committed to protecting Intellectual Property, both nationally and internationally.


    • To enhance the nation’s consciousness about the importance of IP protection,
    • To provide inputs to the regulatory bodies in order to strengthen the legal and administrative system of the IP registration,
    • To uphold the professionalism and quality of its members by establishing a code of conduct for IP Consultants in Indonesia,
    • To maintain a partnership with the Directorate General of IPR on IP sustainable development in Indonesia.